Three Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner by Aussie Review

Lilly Ryken

I had already known about this product before I purchased this item because I am familiar with the brand Aussie. A popular brand that is sold at most drug stores like Walmart Target and, Walgreens. I decided to try the products because it has great ingredients, and it is three dollars! Very cheap.

As the product says in the name, you leave the conditioner on for three minutes. For a deep conditioner, that is a short amount of time. Most deep conditions need to be left in for an average of about 15 minutes. So, the short amount of time had me a bit cautious, but I tried it anyway.

The packaging of the product is very nice and accessible. It doesn’t have a lid; you just squeeze the bottle and the product comes out of the hole at the bottom. Once you stop squeezing, the hold automatically seals. I’ve been using this condition for about two years now, and I can confirm that I have never had a leak from this product. The hole is at the bottom of the bottle, which is nice because for most products, the hole is at the top. Then you must shake the bottle like a ketchup bottle to get the product out. That is not an issue with this deep conditioner’s packaging.

As I put the deep conditioner in my wet hair, I knew immediately that this was a great product. I have curly hair and this product was designed for curls. Curly hair is more prone to being dry and that is what a deep conditioner’s purpose is, to moisturize hair. Detangling was so easy after applying this product. My fingers glide right through my hair, no snarls or knots left behind or in between.

After, I style my hair by using a leave-in conditioner and a gel. I notice that my curls are much more defined when I use the deep conditioner, opposed to if I were to not use it. Overall, I was very impressed with this product. It has made my hair so healthy over the years. I’ve used this product once a week for over a year now and the changes are huge. I would recommend this product to anyone with curly, and or dry hair.