Will the Harsh Winter Elements Ever End?



The last week of February brought a huge change of weather, melting majority of the ice and snow that once covered Northeast.

Natalie Laurent

It’s that time of the year again, cold winter conditions with spring further around the corner than most people think. Southern states went into a panic this month especially with the frigid temps reaching below freezing. Power outages caused havoc all around the country. Northeast may not have been hit with the worse outcomes, but the unbearable cold weather put a damper on campus life.

February 15th was a low temperature record breaking day for many states. In Norfolk, temperatures reached negative 32 degrees. The coldest it’s been since over 100 years ago, according to 6 News. People exposed to these gruesome temps could obtain frostbite in less than five minutes.

Northeast campuses were closed on the 15th and 16th of February. Canceling all activities as well.

“I didn’t leave the dorms at all, I just stayed inside and watched Netflix for it was too cold to go outside,” freshman Jackie Deras said.

The campus was a ghost town during the two days off. With no activities going on and students not wanting to venture out in the cold campus was slow going during the two days off.

“It was very cold almost too cold,” kitchen staff Joy Herian said.

The cafeteria had it worse than any other place on campus for the air vent was blasting cold air all day long. Staff had no idea why this issue occurred or how to stop it. Although the cold weather was to blame in the end.

Students may be wondering why their dorm heat was turning on and off. The reason why was to conserve energy and power throughout the day.

“I can’t wait for summer, I think we are all tired of the cold,” Deras said.

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