Northeast Alumni Adam Lundeen Creates a Short Film

Adam Lundeen graduated from Northeast back in 2018 and now attends Wayne State to further his education in film.  Adam had an idea he wanted to bring to life and knew Northeast would be the best place to do it.

Adam’s idea for the storyline formed out of an idea that popped into his head. The storyline of the film was to capture the two girls struggling to make an omelet for one of the girl’s significant other on their anniversary. But ends in disaster as the significate other forgot about their anniversary. Although no spoilers are allowed, the audience will have to figure out what the outcome of the plot comes to themselves. Adam said that he came up with the idea for his film from being in a kitchen. He wanted to create something funny and the location he chose to film at sparked his ideas.

“I knew there was a kitchen at Northeast and then I thought about what funny scenario could I make happen,” Adam said.

The entire production from start to finish took Adam two months to complete. He states that it will take another month to finish editing his film in Post Productions. With the use of two cameras, a lot of equipment and the help from Northeast’s cinematics teacher Timothy Miller, Adam was able to bring his vision to life.

“Having Mr. Miller on site with me was essential and It was nice to have someone who is confident and experienced in what they’re doing,” Adam said. “I’m still pretty experienced but I’m learning.”

For Adam, the hardest part about the whole production was scheduling when to shoot. Once the location was booked Adam had to find times to shoot with his two actresses.

“Scheduling has never been my strong suit, it was a good learning experience for me to practice,” Adam said.

As soon as Adam had all his equipment set up and had his camera in hand the rest was easy, he states. Adam thanks the people who helped him create his film and Northeast for allowing him to use the campus. Adam states that he plans on coming back to Northeast to film for he knows the staff and students here would be more than willing to help.

“That’s what I love about Northeast, how helpful and nice everyone is,” Adam said.


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