Winter Break is Almost Here

Natalie Laurent

It’s time for Northeast students to pack their bags because winter break is almost here.

Winter break is right around the corner, and residence halls will be closing Nov 25. It is important that students follow the checklist and make sure that the dorms are cleaned and prepped for next semester. Students are encouraged to take home anything they need from their dorms. Residents life allows items to be left in students dorms over break. But once campus closes students are not allowed back into the dorms until Jan 24.

Some important things resident’s life wants students to do before they leave for break is: Empty trash cans, make sure all windows are closed and secured, turn off all lights and unplug any string lights or appliances students may have brought and want to keep in the dorms. Students should make sure they have all their belongs they want to take home because once campus closes people are not allowed back into the dorms until January.

Students will be allowed back in campus Jan 24. Or any time after that move in date. Classes will begin that following Monday at Northeast