Election Day is Right Around the Corner

Natalie Laurent

Nov. 3 is a very important date this year. The 2020 election is what many people are talking about here at Northeast.

How someone chooses to vote should be one’s personal choice. This election, people can vote either by a mail in ballot or by going to the polls. It is important for anyone who wants to vote to register before the deadline according to Nebraska Gov.

Some things to keep in mind about mailing in a ballot is to write legibly and neat. A person should use a blue or black inked pen, it is advised to not use a pencil. Whether by mail or in person always have some sort of identification. According to Nebraska Gov, there is now the ability to track the envelopes of ballots to make sure they get to where they need to be on time.

Once a person registers to vote they are then assigned a location where they can submit a ballot in person. The same as if you were mailing in your ballot, always remember to bring forms of identification with you to the polls.

“I already have voted by mail, my dad just dropped the ballots off at the designated polling place,” sophomore Sam Beran said, “It is important to me to vote because I think we as people all have the ability to shape the country differently for the next four years.

Beran states that people take for granted their freedom and rights as Americans, and that voting determines the future for the next four years, good or bad.

There’s always an option for a person to not want to vote. Either people aren’t involved with politics or neither of the candidates on the ballot suit their favor. Whatever the case it’s a personal choice to vote or not.

“I don’t think I’ll vote because I am not really that informed about what’s going on in politics,” freshman Junior Kubes said.