What’s Trending? On Twitter! April 9th


Kaylea Kuhlman, Editor in Chief

NORFOLK- With most of the world inside self-isolating and having lots of time on their hands. They can be found on Twitter diving into the hashtags and trending topics of the day to fill their time. Here are some of those posts from Thursday, April 9th.

#TBT – In classic Thursday fashion, “#tbt” and #ThrowbackThursday were both some of the trending hashtags today as people share photos from both their past and some from pop culture.

Hit CW show, Supernatural shares a post for fans to remember a scene from Season 9 with the hashtag.

Multiple sports pages threw the ball back to their most iconic memories from the past.

Reese Witherspoon came to the hashtag to share a memorable photo of herself from the 90’s.

#ThursdayThoughts Also on the theme of the day of the week, users sent out their words of wisdom that they got from the day.

This cat believes Thursday is the day to switch to try something new.

This allergy doctor came to Twitter to take the time to share the facts to deny a myth about honey.

FOOD- “Auntie Anne” was trending as many users came to share their love and desire for their pretzels.

Let’s face it, we all got a little scared.

Looks like we are all headed to the mall when the pandemic is over.

“Cinnabon” was also trending as accounts debated the best places to get a snack at a mall.

The original tweet was the one that got the craving (and Twitter war) started.

The plane doesn’t take off until everyone gets their Cinnabon.

POLITICS- “John Macain” was trending because Donald Trump tweeted about National Former Prisoner of War day and many people gave their thoughts.