What’s trending? On Twitter! During the SuperBowl 2020


Kaylea Kuhlman, Editor in Chief


This SuperBowl commercial had all the Rick and Morty fans talking about it all night long.

Mr. Peanut/Planters was a very hot topic this SuperBowl season. Unfortunately, the old Mr. Peanut had sacrificed his life, but now #BabyNut has arrived. Planters were originally going to show Mr. Peanuts’ death during the SuperBowl but quickly canceled after the news of Kobe Bryant. Babynut was brought to life by the Kool-aid man crying.

The Google commercial had everyone using their favorite crying memes.


The most iconic halftime show this world will ever see.

The Pepsi vs Coke war finds its way in everything.

Spongebob memes are perfect for a lot of things, but mostly for that Shakira moment.

Can always count on a woman.


George Kittle after the 49’s score a touchdown is everyone’s mood.

Final score was 31-20.