What’s Trending? On Twitter! – January 15


Kaylea Kuhlman, Editor in Chief

#DiscontinuedHotPockets – The Internet did it again and came together, formed a hashtag, and photoshopped their hearts away. Twitter users used this hashtag over 3,000 times to share pictures of Hot Pocket packages photoshopped with random things inside. Some other brands such as Pop-Tarts and Ben and Jerrys were featured as well.


POLITICS- “President Pelosi” was trending throughout the day earning over 110K tweets alone. Some trending hashtags along the topic were #Maddox #LevSpeaks and #PenceKnew. This trend had begun because of the Maddow interview and people coming to the conclusion that if President Trump and Vice President Biden both get completely impeached, Nancy Pelosi would then become the President of the United States by default.Ā 




SPORTS- Basketball fans were active on Twitter through the night with the keywords “Seton Hall” and “Kendrick Nunn” with the NBA. This evening the Pirates faced the Bulldogs and with a close game, Seton Hall took the match.



ENTERTAINMENT- After finishing the new Netflix docuseries “Killer inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez” after its release last night, the viewers took to Twitter to share their feelings on the series about the late NFL star’s life.


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