Making homemade ice cream


Austin Graves, Editor

The process of making something from scratch is fun and rewarding. Even if it is something small and simple, like homemade ice cream. Especially when you are able to do it with some family and friends. This past weekend I sat down with my family and we made some homemade ice cream. We have this ice cream maker that just spins and you put ice and ice cream salt in the bucket and it cools the ice cream. There are only a couple ingredients and there are few steps that it takes to make this ice cream. It makes making the ice cream very easy and all you have to do is sit there add more ice to the machine as it melts. Even if you do not have the ice cream maker you can still make this ice cream. All you need is a small and a larger zip lock bag. You put the ice cream in the smaller bag and you put your ice and salt in the larger bag. Then you just have to shake the bag for a little while and you will have ice cream within ten minutes or so. Here are the steps that go into making the ice cream. (this is a double batch)


1: Get blender or mixing bowl
2: Gather all of your ingredients
3: Pour in 4 cups of half and half
4: Add 1 cup of sugar
5: Add 2 cups of heavy whipping cream
6: Add 3 tbsp. of vanilla
7: Mix very well
8: Pour in ice cream container
9: Hook up your ice cream container to the mixer and plug it in
10: Fill with ice and ice cream salt
11: Repeat step 10 as the ice melts
12: It is ready when the mixer slows almost to a stop (takes about 30 minutes)
13: Scoop ice cream into containers and enjoy or store for later.

When you are done making the ice cream you can eat it right away and also have some for later. I honestly think it does taste better than store bought ice cream. There is just something about making it yourself that makes it so much more satisfying and enjoyable. Making this ice cream has me motivated to make other things by hand. I think making things by hand is very cool and awesome. You can also learn some more simple skills that you can use in your everyday life. Even things in your house, like a table or desk, you could take a crack at building yourself. If you make yourself a desk you would learn some new skills. I think it would be super rewarding to build things that you would use every day in your life. So the next time you think you want to have some ice cream with your friends, do not just go buy some store bought ice cream. Go out and make it for yourself. You will have a super fun time and unless you completely mess up the recipe, the ice cream is sure to taste very good.

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