Thoughts on the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show


Austin Graves, Editor

The 2019 Super Bowl was a very low scoring game; in fact, it was the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history. It was a good game, but people did not like it because there was not a lot of action. The Rams and the Patriots both played amazing on the defensive side of ball. Both teams seemed to struggle all day to get anything going with their offenses. There were moments where you thought one team was going to go on a little run, but neither team did or could. But I am not here to talk about the Super Bowl, or the football game that was played on February 3. Today I am going to talk about the halftime show and how I felt there was a lack of effort put into it.

I will start with the halftime performance. Going into the game I thought the halftime show was going to be something really amazing and exciting to watch. But do not get me wrong here, because I thought the halftime show was good. I just thought it was not very entertaining and it could have been better in my opinion. The main featured artists for the halftime show was Maroon 5. I have always been a fan of the band Maroon 5, and I have liked and loved a lot of songs they have produced in the past. I know they are a popular band, and they do not struggle to fill seats for concerts. I also know that the halftime show is not the main focus of the Super Bowl, but I think it is a big deal because it gives the artist a chance to wow people not only with their performance, but also all the different things they could do on stage. I just felt like Maroon 5 missed their opportunity big time on this one.

Although, they had cool drone images where the drones would spell out different words. That was pretty cool. To me it just felt like they treated this performance like any other concert they normally would do. For the people that attended the Super Bowl and the people watching at home, it is not just another concert for us. This is just my opinion, but when I am done watching the halftime show I want to say, “Wow! That was amazing.” That is pretty cliché to say, but it is true. I know that maybe hard to top some of the performances in the past, but as a viewer I want to at least think they tried to make it one of their best performances. I just did not feel that after watching this year’s halftime show, and it was kind of disappointing. I did enjoy the one performance from Travis Scott. I liked the buildup to his performance. They used a clip from SpongeBob and they also had a cool graphic of asteroids coming down out of the sky and landing in the stadium on the stage, and then the cameras cut to Travis in the middle of a crater that was made. When all that happened, I thought this was going to be a good halftime show. Then he only performed one song and that was super upsetting not only for me, but also my friends that I was watching the game with. I do not want to offend anyone, but I had no idea who Big Boi was, and I was not impressed by his performance either. All I am trying to say is that I just do not think there was that much effort put into the whole performance during the halftime show.