An online class from students’ point of view


Kaylea Kuhlman, Reporter

NORFOLK— A perk of being a student at Northeast Community College is the variety of classes. General education classes, the many classes toward majors, ITV classes and the option of online classes. I think online classes can make the process of obtaining a degree easier for students.  

Northeast students choose to take an online class rather than a face-to-face class for a variety of reasons. A reason I chose to take an online class is because it is what best fits my schedule. This has been the case for student Ashley Pick as well.

“This is more convenient for me. I work 25+ hours a week with my other in-class classes. I like that I can complete the assignments on my own time within the week period and I can take my homework from class to work,” Pick said.  

Balancing work and school can be a big struggle, but taking a class online can help massively. With my full work and school schedule for the week, I can plan time out of when to do my assignments from my online class and tailor it to that specific week. Online Public Speaking student Casey Caskey said, “I choose to take this class online due to not being a traditional student, most times in order to take classes I have to either work out trades or take vacation at my job.” 

Online classes give students more time to get things done when it is best for us so we can do our best possible work. “With an online class, I can study any time in the way works better for me,” Gabriela Barbosa said. This helps students be independent and not have to worry about being behind or ahead. “I chose to take an online class because I like working on my own pace,” Hannah Heppner said. Another huge bonus is obviously not having to physically spend actual time in a class. “It is nice being able to complete classes with no mandated time frame of having to be there,” Caskey said.  

Like with most things, online classes come with a few cons. In face-to-face classes it can be easier to understand teachers’ directions. “I can’t understand what the teacher wants to say in the assignments,” Barbosa said.

It can also be harder to ask questions as well. What I have learned since I started my online class, is to read through the directions a few times. I do not usually begin the assignment until I understand completely what I am expected to do. 

Not having to physically go to a class has its minor challenges as well. “It is harder to motivate yourself to do the work,” Heppner said. There also may be an increase in work for students online. “I have heard that the online course has more assignments than the face-to-face class,” Pick said.

I myself have heard this and find it to be true. In my online class we have about three assignments, quizzes or speeches due total a week. This is not a huge disadvantage for me personally. I will gladly exchange a few more assignments for all the freedom online classes have.