Northeast Digital Cinema and Audio students take on the Prairie Grass Film Challenge


Austin Graves

On January 17 three Digital Cinema students and an Audio Recording student competed in the Prairie Grass Film Challenge. The details of the challenge are, the competitors have 48 hours to create a film from a few different categories that are given to them.

At 4 p.m. on January 17 our team sat down and got our list of categories, character, prop and our line of dialogue that we had to use in our film. We got a couple different categories but we decided to do a dramatic horror film.

The first day we started by brain storming the idea of the film. That took us until about 11 that night to get a rough idea of the story line. Then we started to shoot and get some of the post production out of the way. We wanted to get this very dramatic pull away shot of the hallway in the Cox Activity Center. The shot took way longer than we thought because the dolly that we were using had a bad tire. That made for some moments being very bumpy and jittery. The one thing we wanted to make sure of is that we do not have that many characters, but also have the story being interesting and still make sense. Our film only had one main character and three other supporting characters. We were trying to have as little paperwork as possible.

I really do find the project to be a lot of fun. I would highly recommend this to anyone even if you are not a filmmaker. It would be something fun you could do with your friends. It does get kind of stressful toward the end, but even if your film does not turn out the best I have still found that the experience is so fun and amazing to go through.