The Virtual Student: The Nomad


Kaity Bauer, Writer

Hello everybody, welcome back to the misadventure that is my life.  I have a life update for you all, I am moving again! I know what you are all thinking, “But, you just got here!” That is very true, I literally just moved back to Norfolk in December. But, an amazing job has opened in Grand Island, NE, and I actually got it! I am the new Youth Director, at First Faith United Methodist Church. Don’t worry guys, I am still going to school at Northeast and will still be writing for the Viewpoint. I also still have my night class, so Tuesdays will be my “Norfolk days”.

Now, I have moved a lot in my young life, and I have mastered how to be a nomad.

First off, learn what you really need to be happy. For me, I must nest. I need a place decorated to my taste where I can relax. I think this is common for introverts. We need a place to make our own, a home base so to speak.

Next, let’s talk about community, everybody needs someone or something to go to and just talk about life. I have been lucky on this front because I have always moved somewhere with family nearby. In Grand Island, I have a kind of built-in community with my job being at a church. If you don’t have that, it is awkward at first so just go places. If you like coffee, go to the local coffee shop, make friends with the baristas. Find something you like to do and try to meet people there.

My final tip is, just go with the flow. It is never going to be perfect when you first get there, you are going to have struggles, you aren’t always going to be happy. That is when you adjust. If you really want the opportunity you moved for you just make it work, simple as that.

Well thank you for listening to my random hopefully helpful ramblings. Again, no worries I will still be here every week, to tell you random details about my life!

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