Wax mold allows you to make an extra hand


Steven Hamling, Reporter

On Wednesday, January 24, students lined up to  dip their hands in warm wax at the Wax Hands event at Northeast Community College Student Center. The students  dipped their hands in some warm wax in order to create a mold of their hand. They could color and create designs on their hands. ” This event is for health and wellness. It is a little stress management event. People enjoy putting their hands into the warm wax because it is relaxing.”  said Stefanie Mundil, supervisor of the event.


The event attracted students who said they enjoyed Wax Hands.  Shelby Fernau, a student at Northeast said, ” I thought it was pretty cool. I would totally have them do it again. It makes your hand feel soft, and I love it”. After their hands dried ,  students got to take the mold home.