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A great performance by mentalist Nash Fung

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On  Wednesday, January 10, mentalist Nash Fung put on an amazing performance at the Lifelong Learning Center located on the Northeast Community College campus. The performance started at 7:00 p.m. and lasted until 8:40 p.m. , and Fung entertained the audience with his tricks. One of his tricks involved him having two participating audience members tie both of his hands and legs together as tight as the participants could, and he was going to try and escape. The audience members applauded his performance.   “I thought it was pretty cool how he did his magic tricks, and was able to keep the audience attention,” said Dustin Schmit.



Fung was originally born in Hong Kong.  He commuted to the United States because his family wanted him to have a better education.  He  explained that he became a mentalist because he loved the way the mind works for you, and how the mind can work against you sometimes.  He originally wanted to become a therapist, but because he had problems getting his graduate degree he ended up becoming an entertainer.  Fung, to some degree, did end up being a therapist, because he volunteers at a suicide hotline. Fung gets a lot of joy out of being a mentalist. He says, “It is something that gives me the most joy in life. I have a passion for it, and there is nothing better than doing something that you love, and being able to create memories with other people as well.”   Nash is a good example of someone doing something that he loves for a living.

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A great performance by mentalist Nash Fung