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From classroom to high tech multimedia studio: Maclay 135

Taylor Habrock, Reporter

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Over the summer of 2017, Maclay 135 on the Northeast Community College campus changed from a classroom to a high tech multimedia studio. Students majoring in Digital Cinema are using the professionally lit studio, the Public Relations department are taking professional portraits, and instructors are writing backwards on the light board in a room that is completely black.

The room has tools to help media majors and instructors throughout Northeast Community College. Instructors now have access to a lightboard for use in their curriculum. “Lightboard technology is a great way to have face to face contact with your students even if its in a virtual environment,” said Timothy Miller, one of the Media Arts Instructors at Northeast, “It’s a nice way to connect with your content and your students.”

Not only is there a lightboard, but a professionally lit studio. “I have come to use the room to take studio-setting photos of Northeast employees. It has allowed me to move my somewhat mini-studio out of my office into the room,” said Jim Curry, director of public relations. ”I appreciate that the Business and Technology division has developed this room which allows not only me, but others to have access to a setting with the technology that is necessary to help us to tell our story.”

Adam Lundeen, a Digital Cinema major says, “This room has benefited my program mostly just because its so convenient and easy to get to. We can set up interviews, in and out. So the clients are happy they don’t have to sit here waiting for thirty minutes for us to figure out how to make them look right”

So if you happen to be watching one of your Northeast instructors teach on a lightboard, the video was probably produced in Maclay 135. If you would like to see the process of the lightboard and what students do in the room,watch this story.

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Taylor Habrock, Reporter
Staff Job Title: Reporter Major: Mass Media Hometown: Madison, NE About: I graduated from Madison High School in May, 2017. I have a passion for photography and anything music related.
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From classroom to high tech multimedia studio: Maclay 135