Institutional Advancement: Director of the Center of Global Engagement Pam Saalfeld


Carli Huston, Reporter

If you have ever been interested in traveling or studying abroad at Northeast Community College, then you need to meet Pam Saalfeld. Saalfeld is the Director of the Center of Global Engagement, and has co-led study abroad trips to England, Italy, Spain, and Denmark. Saalfeld says that studying abroad is so important for students because, “it makes you suddenly realize that there’s so much more out there, you actually experience it beyond the written word.”

Saalfeld has filled many roles during her twenty years at Northeast, including an English Journalism instructor, a full-time English instructor, an English Theater instructor, Associate Dean for the Humanities division, and finally the Director of the Center of Global Engagement. Saalfeld has enjoyed all her positions at Northeast, but loves being an instructor and working with students. “I always go back to the faculty. I really like being in the classroom, I like being with students, I like talking with students and working with students.”

As a little girl, Saalfeld always thought she would become a famous rock star or movie star. She wasn’t going to go to college at all until her mother convinced her that if she was majoring in English, she wouldn’t have to take any math classes. Saalfeld received a bachelor’s degree in English Theater with a minor in Music from Doane College and a master’s degree in Arts and Education with an emphasis in Renaissance and Medieval Literature from Wayne State College.

For as long as she can remember, Saalfeld has always had a fascination with England during the Renaissance period. It is what inspired her to pursue her degrees and to lead the study abroad trips to Europe. The next trip that Saalfeld is co-leading is May 14-28 to England to study Shakespeare. If you would like to go on the next international trip, follow the link for more information.