A Difference Maker at Northeast


Tayler Klassen, Reporter

Northeast students have one very  important person to thank on campus for never being bored.  Carissa Kollath, the student activities director, plays an essential role here on campus. She is responsible for planning over 120 activities for the students to participate in.

Kollath said that it takes her most of the year to plan all the activities and to negotiate with prices with the people or activities coming to campus.  She also orders all the free give away items for the students over the summer to make sure they all get in by the time school starts in the fall. Kollath says her job changes every day which is one of the things she loves most. “I am the director of student activities so my job is to provide activities for the student body, Monday night at the movies, wacky Wednesday, so it involves the planning organization, advertising, and getting everything ready for the event.” say Kollath.

Some of the activities she comes up with are simply tradition and  have been done for a long time, others are things she picks up from conferences she attends, things she has maybe seen online or just an activity she wants to do. Kollath. “My favorite activity differs for different reasons, I love the hypnotist each year because its a fun show to watch. This year I really loved our stoplight dance the students that came were amazing and great attendance and good energy in the room so I really loved that. Also our, “Northeast Serves” that was our first community service project.  For me personally, post secret was my favorite, we didn’t have a great turn out, well I guess over a 100 so that is good but I really wanted more because I have followed post secret for 10 years and that was one of those bucket list items for me and it worked out because they were starting a college circuit and will probably be just a one time thing.”

Kollath first worked at Wayne State College after she graduated in resident’s life. Kollath was informed of the job through a friend also working at Northeast at the time. She really only planned to stay at Northeast for three years. ” I was hoping to go to Colorado actually, but I loved the students, I loved the campus, and I loved the people that I worked with and thought, “Why would I ever want to leave?” so I bought a house and now I just travel.”

Kollath has been at Northeast since June of 2005. She has a bachelors degree in psychology and minor in criminal justice and a masters in Community Counseling.

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