Food for Thought


Steven Hamling, reporter

Northeast Community College’s dining halls are able to produce food for hungry students using a service known as Chartwells Higher Education. Chartwells Higher Education is a dining program  that offers a range of nutritious meal options for campus communities. Melissa Davis, Director of Dining Services at Northeast says, “It combines the resources of a global food service network with that of local management. “

Chartwells is used on 270  campuses and universities.All of the colleges get to decide what is on the menu. Even though students and faculty are allowed to give feedback, Northeast Chartwells management team ultimately decides  based on available resources. Davis says, “The management team for Chartwells creates the menus every month for the dining hall.  These menus are determined by student, faculty,  staff preferences, Chartwells recipes, and food availability in our area.”  

Some of the students favorite meals are roast beef and mashed potatoes, bbq brisket, hot wings, buffalo chicken pizza, chicken alfredo, popcorn chicken bar, tacos, stir fry and ramen noodle bars, and chicken fried steak to name a few. Chartwells serves 4,400 meals  in seven days.  All of the food is prepared in advance. Melissa Davis explains  “We have vendors that come throughout the week and supply us with the ingredients and food that we need. The food comes on a large truck and is delivered to the loading dock. The food is made using a process called batch cooking. Small amounts of food are prepared several times throughout a service period.”

Chartwells supplies food for Path Hall’s Hawks Point and Hawks Landing in the Student Center.Davis says they periodically send out surveys in order to get student and staff opinion so they can improve.The cafeteria wants your feedback. If you have any suggestions, they would like to hear them. Chartwells offers a confidential feedback system on Northeast’s Norfolk campus. You can text your comments, suggestions, concerns and solutions to Chartwells Anonymous Chatback at (402) 316-5022.