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Rebecca Folda reads her poetry to the audience

Steven Hamling, reporter

Stories and poetry can come from any corner of the universe.  Whether you’re a professional author, or an amateur writer, a person has a story they want  to tell.  It is all just a matter of getting your story heard. That is what took place at the Creating Stories and Poetry course readings on October 4, 2017 at the Northeast Community College Library. Students read either their stories, poetry, or both.

One theme for  the stories was the seven deadly sins. Each of the writers had to choose one of the sins and than write a story about it. Whatever sin they chose would be the central theme of their story.  One of the writers,  Ashlyn Andreasen, decided to choose gluttony as the central theme of her story. ” I wanted to choose a different sin since everyone else was doing either wrath or lust” Ashlyn explained.  Kellie O’Byrne  story took the theme of lust, and adds a twist to it. ” Instead of it being sexual, I just wanted it to be about lusting for a hug” Kellie explained.

These  writers want to move on to greater things with their skills.  Alexander Retzlaff is in the process of writing his own novel. Another one of the writers,  Rebecca Folda, plans on transferring to UNO.  Rebecca said that she ” wants to study creative writing, and hopefully get a masters degree”.  Kellie O’Byrne wants to be able to teach some day. Elizabeth Hixon  wants to some day return to Japan to teach people how to write in English. Everyone enjoyed the evening, writers and listeners alike.