‘Modern Family’ star Nolan Gould has grown up on TV; so what comes next?

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‘Modern Family’ star Nolan Gould has grown up on TV; so what comes next?

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LOS ANGELES — Georgia native Nolan Gould has grown up on television; he was only 10 when he was cast to play Luke Dunphy on “Modern Family.”

But don’t go feeling sorry for how the young actor has had to miss out as the ABC comedy starts its ninth season this month. He’s enjoyed every part of being on the show and loves that the series will be continuing for at least two more years with the possibility of even more.

“It’s always felt very constant because our show has been loved by so many people and I feel blessed for that,” Gould says during an ABC party. “I was pretty lucky because my awkward years didn’t require a lot of acting. It’s challenging growing up in front of an audience because the industry is a very strange place to grow up. I’ve been lucky that none of my real family are actors and they have kept me grounded.

“But, now we have the end looming a little bit, that makes me just a little nervous because I really don’t know what’s ahead.”

The only thing Gould’s certain about is that when “Modern Family” does come to an end, there is a long list of projects that he wants to do.

“Do you remember when you were a little kid and each week you would change your mind about what you wanted to do once you grew up? One week it was a fireman and the next it was a police officer,” Gould says. “There’s just so many things that interest me right now.”

The 18-year-old actor doesn’t think college is in his plans for the near future because he knows “Modern Family” will be on the air for a minimum of two more seasons. He’s not rejecting the idea of going to college in the future, but for right now, acting is his big concern. And if he isn’t working in front of the cameras, Gould says he would jump at the chance to produce or direct a production.

When Gould looks at early episodes of “Modern Family,” he sees big changes when it comes to Luke. In the first season, he played Luke as a sweet – but dumb (his word) – young man. Over the years, the writers began to focus on what it’s like to be a teenage boy growing up. The response Gould got from that was very positive because so many young viewers could relate to what Luke was facing.

Gould’s confident he will be able to face any future challenge because “Modern Family” gave him so many different avenues to play. He also has been very diligent about learning all he can from the veteran members of the cast.

“Ty is the funniest man I have every met and one of the kindest people. I have also learned so much from Ed O’Neill. He is so incredibly gracious to the younger cast. There have been times when I would be struggling with a line or an emotion Ed would very kindly pull me aside and work with me a couple of minutes to help me find the right tone,” Gould says. He smiles and adds, “When you are a 14-year-old actor and you are working with Ed O’Neill you shut up and listen.”



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