Dancing at the Stoplight Dance


Steven Hamling, Reporter

Have you ever been in  a situation where you ask someone out, only to get shot down because they’re in some sort of relationship with someone else? Do you wish that there was just an easier way to meet other single  people like yourself, or others that are in a relationship? Then you may have been one of the  students who attended the Stoplight  Dance at the Northeast Community College   Student Center.  The dance was on   Wednesday,  September 6 2017.  Students  of all relationships, which included singles,  people in complicated relationships, and people in steady  relationships came to show off  their dance moves, to  hang out with friends, meet people, and drink some punch.

Cassie, a Northeast student, said she  and her friends had a good time.  ” I like the way everyone is separated by different colors. You know who to talk to,”   said Cassie.  People wore three different colors, each with a different meaning. If you wore green than you where currently single, if you had yellow than your relationship was complicated, and red meant you where taken.    Students said they were  having a great time, and hope the college will have the dance again next year. Carson Fast, a freshman at Northeast, said,   ” I encourage dances because they’re fun.”

So despite all the dancing at the dance, the dance itself had the spotlight on it the entire time.