Learning about cameras and lighting at Northeast


Tiffany Jacobson and Jeremy Dubas working in Camera and Lighting Lab class at Northeast Community College

Colin Ortmeier, Reporter

Want to be a film maker, video production professional, or work in television or the movie industry? If so, Northeast Community College has a great program that can get you there. The Viewpoint’s Colin Ortmeier has the story.

Students who major in Media Arts/Digital Cinema are required to take CINE 1030 also known as Camera & Lighting lab. Students learn a variety of different techniques taught from Digital Cinema & Audio instructor Timothy Miller.  “Students work on learning to match lensing with looks to get there lighting and there looks lined up so they get a professional looking shot and then can the depth of field and get accurate good looking shots”.

Students work on these projects in the Media Arts studio in the Cox activity center where they are able to critique their different techniques.“We can develop their eye so that they can look at a scene look at a potential scene and be able to see where the camera needs to go how it needs to be adjusted so that they become a lot more intuitive.”

Students are able to use the equipment such as lenses, lighting fixtures, DSLR cameras, and audio recording devices provided by the Digital Cinema program.  With the skills developed and knowledge learned from other courses there are a wide variety of career opportunities when students are finished. “Well there’s a wide variety of places that these skills can be used, from local television stations to any of their individual projects, self-employment, or working out in the industry with short films, videos, videography, things like that.”

For more information on the Digital Cinema and Media’s Camera and Lighting classes, visit the Media Arts page on the Northeast website.