FFA student uses competition as a career builder


Mark Lange, Reporter

This week, Northeast held the Future Farmers of America Career Development Events, the events that allow FFA members from area high schools to compete against one another in agricultural career-related competitions. Over 1000 FFA members competed on the main campus or the Northeast Ag Complex. Career Development Events or CDEs are events held to help members become stronger individuals and function better as a team, all while competing against fellow FFA members of different chapters. Members pick a career category they wish to participate in, and compete in a variety of different events based around the particular career.

Crofton High School student Jessica Lange participated in the Livestock Management and Veterinary Science career divisions, and according to her, preparing for two CDE competitions was no easy task. “We had to get study material from our chapter advisors to help us learn more about our CDE and how to get ready for competition day. It was also recommended we get a hands on job such as a job at a feedlot or ranch, or even a vet clinic to help us get ready for them as well,” said Lange.

It seems like a lot of work, but according to Lange, it’s all worth it in the end. “We like to see more people get excited about careers in agriculture,” Lange said. “It helps us with our future careers because we learn so much about them. We’re able to see what we like and what we are interested in.”

Lange says she participates in FFA because the atmosphere and the people make it an extracurricular she can connect with.