Non-Credit Class – Conflict Management


Kimberly Taylor

March 7th – CONFLICT MANAGEMENT by Instructor D. Kuester

This something that companies and managers need to deal with. Conflict significantly affects employee morale, turnover, and litigation, which affects the prosperity of a company, either constructively or destructively.  Turnover can cost a company 200% of the employee’s annual salary. This session will show leaders, not only how to manage conflict, but the importance of why they are doing it.

Tues. March 7th, 9-12 pm at the Norfolk Area Chamber, 609 W. Norfolk Ave.,  Norfolk, NE. The cost of this class is $120.  Please contact the registrar’s office at (402) 844-7000 to register.

Class info:  BSAD5130/17S – CRN#70147

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