Second Semester: A Love/Hate Relationship


Bryce Wheaton, Reporter


For students at Northeast Community College, the second semester of school can either be great, or to put it lightly, a bit of a struggle depending on who you are. Some of us dread coming back after a long winter break, probably because we ate a lot of food and got used to sleeping in late. Other people are excited to get back into the swing of things and start their new classes. And for some, they are elated to begin their final semester before getting their degree.

Freshman, Mark Lange is one student who is suffering from the second semester blues. Mark says he really enjoys taking classes geared towards his major, but doesn’t care too much for general studies. Lange said, “My first semester was definitely the better of the two so far. The only core class I had to take last semester was English. This semester I have Psychology, Math, and Communications.”

However, not everyone is feeling down about the second semester. Kim Taylor, a non-traditional student, says she is ready to graduate with her associate’s degree in general education this spring. She plans on transferring to Wayne State College to get her Bachelor’s degree. She feels that the second semester has been much easier, but for the same reasons as Mark. She says, “The first semester was actually more difficult, because I was doing general studies that I haven’t even thought about really in over 20 years.”

Students at Northeast have differing opinions about which semester they enjoyed more, but the consensus seems to be that general studies can make a semester seem much more daunting. Some students may feel like Mark, and aren’t too thrilled about all the general classes they have to take this semester. While others may relate more to Kim, and they are ready to graduate and take the next step in their lives. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of students who can relate.