Root beer pong is a splash hit


Josh Crim, Reporter

Click, click, splash. The sound of a ping pong ball bouncing on a table before landing in a plastic cup half full of water. These sounds and more were heard the other night on the third floor of Burkhardt Hall at Northeast Community College. Students in Burkhardt Hall found more than just a good time when playing root beer pong. Not only were students brought together for a fun night to unwind and meet new friends, but were also educated to some of the various dangers of alcohol use and abuse.


The cups used during the game were each inscribed with unique facts about alcohol. A few of the facts included: It only takes 6 minutes for brain cells to react to alcohol, alcohol kills one person every 10 seconds worldwide, and there were a few fun facts such as a single bottle of champagne contains 49 million bubbles. Whenever a ball landed in a cup the opposing player would be required to read off the facts aloud. In doing this the players were educated as well as everyone involved.  It was easy to tell that these facts left an impression on the students. Hopefully they will think back to that night in Burkhardt before consuming alcohol.