Um, Alicia Keys Just Released A New Single — And It’s Kind Of Great


By Mikael Wood

Los Angeles Times


Oh, this is a welcome return.

After a few years away from the spotlight, Alicia Keys released a new single, “In Common,” late Tuesday, and so far it’s feeling like a low-key delight — certainly an improvement over the ponderous do-gooder vibe that pervaded much of her recent work.

The singer made “In Common” with the producer Illangelo, known for his collaborations with the Weeknd and Drake, and together they captured a bit of those acts’ woozy appeal while showcasing Keys’ breathy vocals.

In a statement, Keys said the song celebrates the fact that “we are all kind of messed up” and that “that’s what helps us understand each other.” (Do-gooders gonna do-good.)

“In Common,” which she’ll perform this weekend on “Saturday Night Live,” comes from an upcoming studio album, Keys’ sixth, that’s set to be released this summer.

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