Keeping graphic design classy

Keeping graphic design classy

Taylor Ewald

It’s portfolio time again! The graphic design students are prepared for another successful portfolio show on Saturday, April 30, 2016. This year’s show will be hosted at Black Cow Fat Pig restaurant in Norfolk, Nebraska from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Students Britney Board, Taylor Friedrich, Macy Petersen, Shawna Schaecher, Gene Weible, Kyrstin Brandl, Victoria Novak, Tyler Reardon, and Angel See will all be showcasing their graphic design work during their time at Northeast Community College.

The portfolio show is designed to showcase the students’ hard work to friends, family, and possibly future employers. Angel See said “The portfolio show is a great way for prospective employers to see the quality of work I am capable of and how my work has transformed since the beginning of my graphic design career.”

Preparing for the portfolio show hasn’t happened overnight. Shawna Schaecher says “I’ve been preparing for this portfolio all of my college career. We’ve been doing projects since our first semester of our freshman year. This semester we really have been cleaning them up and getting them ready for the portfolio show.”

From photography to line art illustrations, the portfolio show will showcase the students’ best work.

Angel See simply said  “I picked my best work. In my last year, I’ve done better work than my first year. I relaxed and allowed myself to be creative instead of worrying about meeting the qualifications of the project.”

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This is also the first year that the portfolio show will be at Black Cow Fat Pig. See said the location is vital: “If we are putting on a show, we want to be able to have it in a place that is very well-known for quality. We want to portray quality work in a quality establishment. It’s a beautiful place.”

When asked what her favorite part of the portfolio show will be, Taylor Friedrich said  “I’m excited to introduce my work to employers and family. They’ll get to see what I’ve been doing at school, which I think will be fun.”

For an afternoon full of graphic design, food, and “keeping it classy”, stop down at the Black Cow Fat Pig restaurant, 702 West Norfolk Avenue, to see the dedication and talent of some of the best graphic design students in Northeast Nebraska.

Last year, the portfolio show used The Loft space in downtown Norfolk.