Have you done your graduation paperwork?


Northeast Community College Graduation – May, 2014

Marissa Lute, editor

If you’re planning to complete requirements for a degree, diploma, or certificate, you have received an electronic graduation application email, and it is due today at 5pm.

Karen Hoefler, the associate registrar at Northeast Community College, says “Completing the electronic application takes less than five minutes, and it can be done from a smartphone.” To be added to the final list of graduates, students must complete the application.

If you are walking at graduation, your next steps will be: ordering a cap and gown, passing your classes, and getting tickets to graduation. Hoefler says, “The number of tickets distributed to the students is based upon the number of seats in the gym in relation to the number of students who indicate that they plan to attend the ceremony. The number of tickets has not be determined yet, and won’t be until just before cap, gown, and ticket distribution on April 26, 2016.”

If the email can not be located, the students are urged to contact the Registrar’s office, immediately, at 402-844-7265. For more information and important dates and deadlines, go to: https://www.northeast.edu/Graduation/