Wait, where did my grades go?

Marissa Lute, Editor

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If you’ve tried to check your grades recently, you might have noticed that Jupiter Grades is no longer available to Northeast Community College students. With the first semester of the 2015-2016 school year coming to an end and the second semester just beginning, Northeast has changed the way students and faculty are able to access grades.

Carla Streff, who is the Director of Client Services, says, “we had some security issues with Jupiter Grades, and so the college thought it was in the best interest for our students to discontinue the use of the software. And so we’ve switched to Sakai so the majority of our faculty are using Sakai as their grade book so the students are able to see their grades.”

While the software, login information, and appearance have changed, weekly and midterm grades have not. If you have any questions or troubles with logging into Sakai to access your grades, support can be contacted at 402-844-HELP (4357) or email [email protected].

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