What Students Don’t Like About College

What Students Dont Like About College

Karly Liska, Reporter

For everything in the world, there is someone who does not like it. People tend to be very opinionated, so there are not very many things in the world that everybody likes; maybe there is nothing in the world that everybody likes. College is just like everything else; whether it is finals week, the cost, or chances to meet with advisors, not everyone is happy.

Northeast Community College ranks third in best in-state tuition costs according to collegestats.org. College has always been and probably always will be expensive, but Northeast has one of the best prices in Nebraska. Nothing will ever be cheap enough for kids who have just started out on their own, though. Another complaint about college was finals week. Having all those tests during the same time period can be very stressful. If colleges chose to spread them out more during a two-week period, students would probably be less stressed.

Meeting with advisors can be a tricky experience. Sometimes, an advisor does not have many students so they have a lot of time for them. Others, meanwhile, have too many students so they do not get a lot of free time. Maybe extending their office hours would help or even have the college hire more advisors. No matter what changes are made, though, not everyone will be happy. That is just life.