International Students Entertain And Educate At The Culture Show

Sonya Sandoval, Culture Reporter

Members of the Northeast International Student Association held their annual Culture Show at the Welcome Center, delighting students and members of the community with international cuisine, dancing, and costumes. It was all part of the “World Culture Mix and Mingle,” held Sunday April 26, from 4 – 6pm.


International Student Association Culture Show

The guests enjoyed a variety of events, such as talking to students and interacting with other guests. They tasted the foods students prepared such as arepas, tamales, hibiscus drink, and fried plantain. The guests were interested in learning about the students’ countries. In return the students responded well to the guests questions and interest in them.


Angelica Fonseca/Columbia

Northeast student Angelica Fonseca, who is from Columbia, South America, feels that the Culture Show gave her an opportunity to taste food from other countries and cook something from her own culture. Fonseca said, “I just want them to know my country, that there are no dangers, that there are a lot of really good people. My country is a really nice country.”

Ruby Bell (Left) talks to another international student about her country.

Ruby Bell/Ghana (Left) helps an international student get a helping of fried plantain.

Ruby Bell from Ghana, West Africa, also feels the Culture Show gives her the opportunity to show what her country is like. Bell said West Africa is a land of new development and is not all tigers and lions. Bell also said “ I want people to understand me, if you know me you will be able to understand me and my culture.”

Jeremy Dable

Jeremy Dable/Ivory Coast

Jeremy Dable is from the West African country of Ivory Coast or Côte d’Ivoire. Dable put together a slide show with traditional music, showing the countryside, cities, and the flavor of the culture. Dable says, “People should come to Ivory Coast for fun. We do have 60 tribes living altogether in peace. We have a diversity of religions. So Muslim, Christian, all live in peace in the Ivory Coast. The ambience there is great. People are always enjoying that country and the happiness is shared everywhere in Ivory Coast.”

International Student Association Culture Show

Jeremy Dable shows students his slideshow from Ivory Coast

Students entertained the guests with traditional songs and dances including a hoop dance by Jeffrie Mesteth. The Culture Show was also sponsored by the Oyate Native Club. Students hope as the community of Norfolk continues to grow and learns from new cultures, it will be a rich melting pot.


International Student Association Culture Show

Jeffrie Mesteth performs a traditional Hoop Dance

International Student Association Culture Show

Jeffrie Mesteth/Oyate Native Club

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