Project Makeover: Step One


Lizz Cornett and Angela Richart

Angela Richart

By this time of year, every college girl gets to a point when they need a bit of a confidence boost. Between the stress of classes, waiting for job offers and struggling with their social life, thing’s can get a little depressing. And girls, there is nothing wrong with taking a little time to focus on yourself.
So in preparation for my graduation in May, I decided I needed a new look and a chance to learn more about the world of makeup and hair. Our style and fashion guru here at The Viewpoint, Lizz Cornett, has taken me under her wing for Project Makeover.
In three easy (painless) steps we were going to give me a totally new look.

Velocity level bed - The Legend

Velocity level bed – The Legend

We drove down to Velocity Tan for my first ever tanning experience.


They showed me how to operate the beds and helped me sign up for a three month membership. I learned about tanning lotion, bronzers, and protective eyewear.

Velocity level bed - The Starpower

Velocity level bed – The Starpower

According to April Wisnieski from Velocity Tan, “Tanning is not a one-size-fits all. Getting a beautiful UV tan means something different for everyone. That’s because the amount of UV exposure needed to acquire a tan is different for a fair-skinned red-head than it would be for a central European with an olive complexion.”
At first it was very claustrophobic and insanely hot, but I soon discovered how relaxing it can be. I started seeing the results after a few days. Once I got comfortable with the process, and began tanning on my own, it was time for Step Two: Hair and Makeup.

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