New Applied Technology Building Brings Opportunities For Students


Jackson Miller and Seth Johanson

Construction  is almost complete on Northeast’s Applied Technology Building.  New equipment will be placed in the building including walk-in freezers, geothermal equipment, equipment from Trane, and many other new pieces to better the students’ learning experience. A move of this magnitude takes many days of planning, meeting with support companies and board members. Shanelle Grudzinski , Associate Dean of Applied Technology said, “We are currently cleaning departments … going through all of our equipment seeing what is going to make the move, and what will be left behind.”

The building is set up on a hill overlooking the entire campus. It has been said to, “… have the best view and sledding hill on campus,” said Grudzinski.  The Applied Technology Building is set up with classrooms near the front doors, which will be shared by the five programs, as well as huge work spaces for each of them. The programs that will be moving are HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning), Building Construction, Electrical Construction, Electromechanical Technology, and Manufacturing . Student lounges and computer labs were also added to the design to help the students feel at home. The Applied Technology building is hoping to be ready for the start of classes in the fall of 2015.

Grudzinski gave Viewpoint staff a tour of the construction site and photographer Seth Johanson set his images of the building to music. In our On The Couch segment, Grudzinski also spoke with Angela Richart about their upcoming move and the excitement about the new facility.