Figure it Out, Mr. President


Joe Lose

The savages of ISIS continue to bring their brand of radical Muslim terror across the middle east.  These pathetic excuses for humans are beheading, shooting, burning, and burying people alive, all in the name of Islam.  You won’t hear our President admit that, though.  His entire administration refuses to call a spade a spade.  They instead call ISIS an “Organization,” or anything other than what they are.  Radical Muslim terrorists.

Now, he’s taken it a step further by comparing these monsters to…  wait for it…  Christians.  Let that sink in.

Speaking to a group of Christians on National Prayer Day, he said we need to get off our high horses.  Christians have done awful things to people in the name of Jesus Christ, like the Spanish Inquisition.

Taking that at face value, you’re right, Mr. President.  However, the Inquisition started in the 1400’s.  It was an awful persecution of innocent men and women and Catholics have renounced it as a huge mistake and terrible embarrassment.  It was also hundreds of years ago and Catholics don’t do anything of the sort today.

Let’s try looking at this in a different way, shall we?  Remember that time you got in a fight with your girlfriend and she brought up something you did a few months ago?  Something that has absolutely nothing to do with the present.  Remember how much that upset you?  How irrelevant her “argument” was?  Well, our President just doubled down on this miserable practice by bringing up the Inquisition.

So we have a President who watches an American citizen get his head cut off, gives a short speech about how it troubles him, and is six minutes later laughing it up on the golf course.  This really happened.  The guy is beyond parody.

Compare that to King Abdullah II of Jordan.  After seeing a Jordanian fighter pilot burned alive by ISIS, he immediately executed all Jihadist prisoners he had in captivity.  He then went on to say they would bomb ISIS strongholds until they ran out of fuel and ammo.  These weren’t empty promises either.  Airstrikes started the very next day and the King vowed that he’d even fly in some of the missions.

So our “leader” is shaming Christians for the Spanish Inquisition while doing little to nothing to combat ISIS.  King Abdullah II is doing everything in his and his country’s power to rid the world of the evil that is ISIS.

The only language these savages understand is force.  We have the firepower to destroy them, yet our President is more worried about not hurting any muslims’ feelings and thinking we can all get along.  Get a clue, Mr. President.  How dare you compare Christians to these monsters and how dare you not do something to destroy ISIS?