2015 Graduation at Northeast Community College is Almost Here


Northeast Community College Graduation – May, 2014

Karly Liska, Reporter

May 2015 graduation at Northeast Community College is quickly approaching and students are anticipating receiving their certificate, diploma, or degree. There are many students at Northeast who do not understand the graduation process and what they should do leading up to it. One thing to know is that there are no fees for the graduation process. Associate Registrar, Karen Hoefler, has said that that may change in the future, but not any time soon.

The regalia for graduation are also free but only graduates planning to attend the ceremony receive a cap and gown. Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) members have the choice of buying their own PTK stoles or borrowing them from the school. Students who borrow them can pick them up in room 100B in the Maclay building prior to graduation and return them after the ceremony.


2015 graduates will be receiving an email at the end of this week that has a link to the graduation application. The application is completely electronic and Hoefler says that it takes just two minutes to complete. Hoefler wants to stress that every soon-to-be graduate has to complete the application, not just the students who are attending graduation. Hoefler also says that if a student cannot find the email, check junk/spam folder, check My Northeast to see what email address is set for preferred, and if the student still cannot find it, go to the Registrar Office.

When the students complete the application, they are split up into two groups. The group that is attending graduation will continue to receive emails starting in March, informing them about the graduation process. The group that is not going to graduation will not get those emails about graduation particulars.

Students can be sure that they have completed all of the classes they need to graduate by going onto My Northeast, clicking student, and going to DegreeWorks. That page has all of the classes students have taken and need to take and tells them if they have completed them or not. Hoefler says that if any student has questions about classes or graduation, talk to an advisor or go to the Registrar Office.