New App Called Trivia Crack Challenges Your Knowledge

Angela Richart and Lizz Cornett

Trivia Crack is a new Etermax game app that has recently become very popular all over the country.  Northeast Community College students can be heard playing and talking about it all over campus. According to, “Founder and CEO Maximo Cavazzani has helped the company reach more than twelve million users in less than two years.” The online game allows you to challenge your friends or a random opponent to test your knowledge and see who is the smartest. There are currently over 2.7 active daily users and it is ranked 8th of the top 25 most popular Facebook apps in 2014.

The object is to win all six characters, which represent different categories on the wheel. The categories are Art, Science, Sports, Entertainment, Geography and History. There can only be 25 rounds per game. To win a character you have to answer three random questions in a row, or land on a special section of the wheel, called the crown. In either case you can choose to challenge your opponent and steal one of their characters or answer a question to win the character of your choice.

In a challenge you are given six random questions and whoever gets the most correct wins. You choose which character you will lose if the challenge is lost, and which of your opponent’s characters you will steal. In case of a tie the defender gets a bonus question from a random category to decide who wins. Each player starts with three extra spins to use if they wish skip the category to re-spin the wheel. The player can ask their Facebook friends for more spins or purchase them in the in-app store.

If no one has obtained all six characters before round 25, whoever has the most characters wins the match. In case of a tie, the game will be won through a challenge. If the challenge ends in a tie, the player who started the game will win.

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