Pay It Forward Over The Holidays!


Terry Nelson, Northeast Speech Instructor-Director of Forensics

I like what Drew Hill recently wrote in her Younglife blog about Christmas. Hill says this time of year we often find ourselves wanting more. Let’s be honest—it even starts with wanting more pumpkin pie at the Thanksgiving table! More time, more money, more brains, more gig, more fries! Simultaneously, we want less of the Debbie downers—like cellulite, pimples, obligations and car probs.

One way to shake off that creepy feeling of discontent can be to reach out. In fact, Mayo Clinic lists reaching out to others as one way we can ward off depression over the holidays. So while you’re dreading the idea of bracing the icy weather to go find Aunt Sue something unique for Christmas, think about something you can do for someone else. Need an idea? Younglife is bringing holiday goodness to a local needy family. If you’d like to donate a gift, you can drop it off at my office in Cox Activities Center, room 102 and we’ll make sure to pass it on to this family of nine. The kids are in grade school, high school, and there are twins on the way.