Former NFL Running Back Marcus Dupree Speaks At Northeast


Jackson Miller, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Former College and National Football League (NFL) running back Marcus Dupree talked to Northeast students this week about the dangers of a disease that took several of his family members. Dupree shared his experiences in the Northeast Community College Student center on Monday, November 17. Students first watched a portion of ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary called, “The Best That Never Was”. The film documented the tremendous talent and at times, tragic football career Dupree had in the late seventies until he retired in 1992. Dupree played for the University of Oklahoma, the New Orleans Breakers (in the former United States Football League) and the Los Angeles Rams in the NFL.

Novo Nordisk’s representative Dawn Rumery introduced Dupree and talked about the potential dramatic increase in diabetes across the nation by the year 2025. Dupree suggested the disease could affect upwards of 80 million people without intervention and education. He was diagnosed in 2009 and was surprised by the diagnosis, despite a family history of the disease. “My uncle died, Diabetes took his eyesight, it also ended up taking one foot. Same thing happened to my grandfather, same thing happened to my mom….I just did not understand what Diabetes was, what effect it could do, ’till I got it in 2009. First thing I thought about was I was gonna die.”


Dupree manages his symptoms by eating small, healthy meals throughout the day, exercising, and checking with his doctor regularly. Dupree said college students who may have difficulty managing their diet because of campus life, should try to avoid fast food and unhealthy eating despite the temptations. “Just try to eat a balanced meal, lots of fruit, lots of salads … whatever you put in your body now, you have to think of what is going to happen in your future.”



Students had time to ask Dupree questions about his life, career, and tumultuous football journey which included a career ending knee injury in 1985. Dupree is considered by some to have been the greatest running back of all time, and many of his records still stand today. One student asked what Dupree missed most about football.” What do I miss most about football? Nothin’. Cause you know what? It reminds me every morning that I get up from playing football all my life. Sometimes I can’t even sleep at night because my back or my neck are hurting from playing ball. My grandmother told me that when I was playing. ‘You know Marcus you’re gonna regret this when you get older.’ I am not even close to her age and I feel every pain, every hurt.”