Bad Parkers At Northeast Community College


Karly Liska, Reporter

Have you ever gotten to Northeast Community College and had trouble finding a parking spot? Was it because of bad parkers? There are people that park too far up, too far to the side, or both, which takes real talent in my opinion. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has thought that they’ve seen an empty spot only to realize that that there was, in fact, a car parked there. The vehicle is parked way up into part of the space in front of theirs, which fooled you. Then there are the times where you are looking for a spot and the only space you can find is partly taken over by the car in the next spot. Nice, people, very nice.


Students at Northeast seem to agree that it is easier to find a parking spot in front of the Cox Activities Center than over by the Student Center. That is probably because the parking spots are wider by the Cox Center, which makes it a lot easier to park. Less people park by Cox too because it is farther away from most of the classrooms. “It’s hard to walk so far for certain classes, especially when it’s really windy, like this winter is going to be really interesting,” said one Northeast student.


Parking by the Student Center may seem better, but everyone likes to park there, so it is really hard to find a parking spot. Then there is the fact that the parking spaces are tiny. It’s hard to stay in one parking spot and some people seem to not even try. Those two facts make finding a parking spot by the Student Center very hard. Another Northeast student said, “If I come in about 11’ o clock, usually you have to park all the way by the nursing center and you’ve got people taking up two spots so it’s like a five minute hike.”

So how come some people are bad parkers? Are they in a hurry or do they just not care? Be honest, if you’re in that big of hurry, taking a couple more seconds to be a good parker won’t make a difference. You’ll be late anyway.   And if you don’t care… just try to be more considerate of others, please.