Student Organizations Play A Vital Role On Campus

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Student Organizations Play A Vital Role On Campus

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Student helpers play a major role in the day to day operation on a college campus. At Northeast those students fall under the umbrella of Student Leadership Development Series (SLDS).  There are four major leadership groups: Student Government Association (SGA), Student Activities Council (SAC), Student Ambassador, and Residents Assistant and Students Assistant (RASA). 


SGA is the “voice of the student body”. They are a very business minded group. “SGA serves as the voice of the Northeast Community College student body, so we work to resolve students’ issues and concerns on campus. Being involved in a student group gives students a greater sense of belonging also they gain leadership skills and friendships,” said Co-Adviser Lisa Reifenrath. Being a part of your community is always a wonderful thing. Having the opportunity to be in a leadership group is a great way to start developing social and leaderships skills. SGA does very well at being connected to the community. Around Christmas time, they make tie blankets for the veterans who don’t get any gifts and they also volunteer at the Orphan Grain Train.


In some cases, students receive tuition breaks in the form of scholarships for their work. Students Ambassadors, however, receive pay for what they do. Student Ambassadors are the “face of the college”. They are the only group who give tours to students from other schools. They also have to be expert communicators  at recruiting students who are soon to graduate high school and by doing so, they have to represent themselves and Northeast wherever they go. “I love it! It’s my favorite part of my overall job. I love meeting the new students I get every year,” said Adviser Kacie Borchers.


Monday Night at the Movies and Wacky Wednesday are on campus weekly student events organized by SAC. SAC is a volunteer based group and they do not receive any tuition breaks. Co-Adviser Carissa Kollath strongly encourages anyone and everyone to be involved in a group. If one of these four leadership groups aren’t for you, there are 45 other clubs and organizations on the Northeast campus for students who would like to get involved.


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