No One Owes You Anything


Joe Lose, Opinion

The title should say it all, but please, allow me to elaborate.  There isn’t a single thing in this life owed to you by anyone or anything.  Sound a little tough?  It is.  But that’s life.  Deal with it.

There are way too many people walking around these days with a tremendous sense of entitlement.  They feel things are owed to them just for being here.  Sure, we should treat each other with respect and dignity, but this goes beyond that.  Some burger flippers, cashiers, and other minimum wage earners feel they should be paid $10, $15, $20 an hour.  This is ridiculous for several reasons (mostly economic) that I won’t get into right now.  For people to think they should earn the same amount as a teacher, manager, etc., for doing tasks that a high school drop-out can easily tackle, is just absurd.

How did it come to this, though?  I’ll tell you.  Kids are raised getting participation trophies.  The fact that they tried and just showed up is just as good as winning.  This is a problem.  In the real world, you aren’t awarded a job for just showing up to the interview.  Several people are fighting for one job and you’d better believe the person with the best qualifications, experience, and attitude is going to get the position.  You won’t be given a job because they simply want or need it more.  And guess what, no one owes you that job.

People are wanting and demanding things without actually earning them.  Why?  Because that’s how they were raised.  When I grew up, I was taught how to lose.  If I didn’t make a team, it was because I wasn’t good enough or had a bad tryout.  If I failed a test, it was because I didn’t study enough.  Nowadays, coaches are screamed at if a kid doesn’t get enough playing time, even though the team would certainly lose if the kid were to play.  Instead of the son being yelled at for getting a “F,” teachers are being scolded for not being good enough.

This country used to be full of people who were ready and eager to earn a living, better themselves, compete in business and athletics, and make a better life for themselves.  Now, people are waiting around demanding someone else do it for them.  We’re not going to go anywhere when the producers simply can’t keep up with the takers.  Put on your big kid pants, people, and start playing for keeps.  Play for yourselves and earn everything you take.  You’ll feel a lot better when you do.