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Transferring to Bellevue University

Karly Liska, reporter

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Northeast Community College and Bellevue University recruiter, Amanda Avidano, was on Northeast’s campus September 24 to talk to students about transferring to Bellevue. She talked about how the partnership between Northeast and Bellevue came about because of the need to keep people in our community, but still allow them to continue their education. Avidano said that it is a good idea for students to get their Associates Degree at Northeast and then transfer to Bellevue to earn their Bachelor’s Degree. “It makes transferring a lot easier if you get your Associates at Northeast.” Getting the A.S. at Northeast first also allows students to utilize all of their transfer credits and lets them get their B.A. in less time.

Bellevue offers over forty classes online and some of their most popular programs are Business, Behavioral Science, Management and Criminal Justice. Other online classes include Accounting, Graphic Design, Psychology, Software Development, and many more.

Transferring to Bellevue from Northeast is very simple. First, set up a meeting to discuss your goals. If a meeting can’t fit in your schedule, a phone call will also work. Second, send in an application for admission (the $50 fee is waved). Lastly, send all official transcripts, including FAFSA, to be evaluated. Three steps and done.

To contact Amanda Avidano, call 402-690-9698 or e-mail her at [email protected]

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Karly Liska, Reporter
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Transferring to Bellevue University