Q&A With Seacrest: Give Him Sinatra, Bond Style But Hold The Spandex

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Q&A With Seacrest: Give Him Sinatra, Bond Style But Hold The Spandex




Adam Tschorn

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By Adam Tschorn

Los Angeles Times


Ryan Seacrest, the hardest-working man on TV, shares some of his thoughts about style icons, off-duty outfits and how seeing himself on TV shaped his sense of style.

Who are some of your style icons?

James Bond, Frank Sinatra. They’re classic, timeless. All the guys that played James Bond were always in great suits.

Where did your personal sense of style come from?

I think it was an evolution. I look back to when I first started hosting television (and) I didn’t have the same eye for my suits. At first I was just happy to have a suit. Then, as time went on and I had suits to wear, I realized they could fit better. They could feel better. They could make me feel better. That was all part of the learning process for me.

Where, specifically, did you learn those things?

From seeing it (on the TV screen). I’d see the way I looked walking, in a suit, and I’d think: “You look more fit and you look like the suit fits better when the leg is cut a certain way.” After seeing myself in so many different places and on so many different tapes, I began to realize what combination of things looks best on me. So that was the starting point, those were the kinds of notes and details I gave to our (Ryan Seacrest Distinction) partners. For example, the width of the tie. I didn’t want it too thin, I didn’t want it too wide.

This collection reflects a lot of your personal style preferences, but is there anything that your partners suggested that took some convincing?

The paisley (necktie pattern) was a hard sell because when I was growing up I remember my father’s paisley ties and I had this knee-jerk reaction to it. But this version isn’t that. It’s smaller and more subtle.

Is there something, wardrobe-wise, that you never leave the house without?

When I wear a suit, I keep a pocket square tucked in. Sometimes I’ll pull it out and sometimes I’ll leave it (tucked) down, but it’s usually always in there, even if it’s not showing.

What do you wear when you’re not in a suit?

I think being overdressed is better than underdressed, so I’m always prepared. There’s something psychological about it. But no, I don’t have my uniform on all the time. When I’m not in a suit I’m in a hoodie, jeans, and I like shoes that quickly slip on.

What’s one thing we’d never see you wear?


If you could pick one person to wear Ryan Sea crest Distinction to help drive sales, who would it be?

Who is (James) Bond right now? Daniel Craig? He would sell some suits.


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