Ask Angela : Love At First Sight


Ask Angela

Dear Anonymous,

The idea of love at first sight has been around since the time of the Greeks. They believed it was a madness sent from the gods that lead to a passionate kind of love. You know the whole, “getting struck by Cupid’s dart.” In today’s modern world though, there are times when we see someone and think…wow. Many a couple will tell the tale that they saw each other across a crowded room and “just knew right away.” In my personal opinion the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but is it love you are struck with or merely physical attraction? True love comes from getting to know someone, finding out their beliefs, values and outlook on life. Love takes time to develop, it needs to be nurtured. Often you can see an attractive person and think you’re in love and overlook things in their personality that would be deal-breakers. This can lead to nasty breakups and even divorces. The concept of love at first sight is comparable to a fairy god mother, it makes a good story, but in real life…it doesn’t really work.  My advice to you is this: don’t merely take in someone from just a glance, get to know them. Have a conversation about everything there is to talk about. Then you can fall in love. See, there’s a romantic in me yet.

Good luck and if you ever need more advice feel free to ask me another question.

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