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Surviving College 101: Tackling the Freshmen 15

Whitney Tyrrell, Writer

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One of the biggest fears that most college students face is the freshmen 15. What with the sudden change in lifestyle, fast food is cheap, late night pizza orders, and even binge drinking. How does one avoid the freshman 15? If someone does get the awful burden of weight gain how does one work it off? Also, how can you manage your weight and still enjoy that Mcdouble and medium fry?

As I began to tackle this project I thought of who I should ask and what I should ask them. The freshmen 15, hits all kinds of people from athletes to graphic design artists. So I spoke to Sarah Maxson a freshman at Northeast Community College that’s on the volleyball team. The first question was how did she avoid the freshmen 15 her answer was as assumed, volleyball and the workouts she did for volleyball. She says her coach helped her avoid getting the dreaded weight gain. She’s not worried about gaining weight since volleyball workouts are almost all year round. Then I took someone who did have the unfortunate 15 haunt them. That someone was me. So I asked myself a few questions like, did I know about the freshmen 15? Yes I did and I definitely wanted to avoid it. At first I wondered how it happened then once I reflected on it I realized I ate like crap. That was that. So I got off my butt started working out and watched my diet. I’m now close to what I weighed in high school.

As of now I work out frequently at Norfolk’s Anytime Fitness and I love it. I’ve become friends with one of the personal trainers there and her name is Jennifer Meixner. As a professional stance I had many questions to ask and she had some very entertaining answers. First I had to ask what made her decide to get into personal training. In kindergarten her teacher brought her daughter in who competed in fitness competitions and she talked to the class and showed pictures from competitions. Jennifer said that is when she knew what she wanted to be. When I asked her what she knew about the freshmen 15 her simple reply was, “It’s just an excuse for people to gain weight.” I then continued to ask why does it happen and again she says it’s just an excuse but when I asked her how to prevent it she suggests making working out a part of everyday life and pre-make your meals. When Jennifer has students come in she has them set realistic goals for themselves and she has incentives for success. If you’re looking for easy, cheap, and effective workouts try at home workouts like lunges, abs, body squats and push-ups.

Troy McCuiston was your average high school guy he was in every sport possible, ate what he wanted and it never affected him once. But once he graduated and no longer had sports to rely on he needed to find an outlet, that outlet was weight lifting. In high school weight lifting was required because he was in football so once he got into college he realized he needed to stay active to keep off the weight and that’s where he got hooked into weight lifting. For Troy it’s a hobby and a stress reliever, it makes him feel amazing and helps take his mind off of everyday life. When I asked him if he sets goals for himself his obvious answer was yes and his goals are what keeps him motivated. Another thing that keeps him motivated is, me, his girlfriend. So guys if you want to get gains and feel the pump join a gym and set goals.

So how do you know that you will get through this time of ups and down with your weight? I have talked to a woman who has gotten past the worst times and is now looking at a bright and healthy future. Carol Uhing is one of the many people who suffered from the freshmen 15 but she’s out of the woods now and has something to say about it. She stressed how you should never go about it the wrong way, don’t skip any meals it will work in the short term but eventually it will back fire. Her advice for college students, walk to class, avoid junk food because as she says it will “kill ya”, and avoid cheap food. Carol knew working out would help but like many she didn’t know what to do or how to go about it. Looking back now she wants to “slap herself” for not taking better care of herself sooner.

There are so many ways to get out there and get healthy. For more information check out these websites! Here is Anytime Fitness’s Norfolk Nebraska Facebook page , Select Fitness Norfolk Nebraska’s Facebook page Norfolk Nebraska’s YMCA Facebook page and if you’re just looking for at home workouts try this website,
Here is some advice on building a workout by a two-time Olympian.

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Hi everyone! I’m Whitney Tyrrell, I graduated from Neligh-Oakdale High School in 2012 so this is my second year at Northeast! I love writing and I’ve always loved it so I decided to make a career of it. I became a published poet my eighth grade year and from then on nothing could stop me...
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Surviving College 101: Tackling the Freshmen 15