House Hunting


Terry Nelson, Northeast Speech Instructor-Director of Forensics

The house hunting experience is completely different when you’re helping someone else purchase their new home. With an objective eye, the outsider is able to see the dreamy gazebo as the rotting scrap pile that it is. And because the problem list is passed to someone else and their wallet, helping someone house shop is nearly stress free.

Recently, I was asked to help a young soon-to-be-married couple choose a home.  Similar to that first steep climb on a thrilling roller coaster, new buyers anticipate a ride that will take them through granite-filled stainless steel kitchens, across hardwood floors to manicured lawns, and over a wraparound deck to weed-less backyard wonders. But the plunge down the thrill ride comes rather quickly as virgin homebuyers step into abodes that smell like I’m-not-sure-what-died-in-here, mismatched carpets, wild wallpaper, and appliances that look like your great-great-great grandma may have used.  Before long, house hunters often find their roller coaster ride has brought them to a dark cave of disheartenment. Ahh, the joys of life.  This eager couple will find their house, of that I’m sure. Though the house won’t be perfect, they’ll soon be calling it home. And the journey that took them there will be a ride they’ll not forget.