Social Media: Fun AND Idiotic

Joe Lose, Writer

It’s no secret the vast majority of Americans are on Facebook and/or Twitter.  Other than those main two, there’s a multitude of other social media tools that let everyone see your stupid selfies and read all about your ridiculous boyfriend or girlfriend troubles.  Social media isn’t all bad, though.  It just depends how (and how often) you use it.  We all have our favorite and most hated “friends” on social media and I’d like to tell you about a few.

There are dozens of personalities, but four main ones I’ve noticed the past year.  Let’s go over them, shall we?

We’ll start with everyone’s most hated.  The “Feel bad for me and ask me what’s wrong because of my vague and depressing status update” person is without a doubt the most annoying person you can come across.  At least once a day, they fill your timeline with, “I don’t even know why I try anymore,” or “He’ll never know how much I care, so I might as well give up.”  First, if you’re going to post stuff like this for everyone to see, you probably should give up.  These pity party attempts are not going to get you anywhere and no one is going to want to come to your rescue.  Nobody wants to be friends with someone who is constantly whining, depressed, and seeking attention.  A friend in need is a friend indeed, but a friend needing constant attention is just a drag.

Now let’s move on to the opposite.  The “My life is infinitely better than yours” person is a breath of fresh air…  Sometimes.  These friends are always posting views from their 24th story office overlooking the mountains or your favorite team’s stadium.  They never have a bad thing to say.  Every message is uplifting, like thanking God for what they have, saying how much they love their friends, or how this is the greatest vacation they’ve ever been on, usually accompanied with the generic view of the ocean with her feet up and her sexy bikini gap.  Or, if it’s a dude, he’ll have at least two gorgeous gals in his arms on the beach or the slopes.  These people are motivators, although will sometimes make you feel like your life has gone and is going nowhere.

Next we have the political expert.  For some reason, they think posting any political cartoon or message will get everyone to think like they do.  Election coming up?  If you have any questions, you can be sure they’ll all be answered on this guy or gal’s walls.  Doesn’t matter which side they’re on, they’re normally an incredible annoyance, unless you agree with them.  Then they’re hilarious and you don’t mind reading their rants.

Our last, but not least, is the over-sharer.  You take your eyes away from Twitter for one minute and find there are 13 new updates all from one person.  These updates range from, “Just got some water LOL!” to “LOL just tied my shoes before I go poop LOL.”  The million dollar question is “Do these people really think we’re interested in every aspect of their lives or are they so bored that they have to share every second of their day for some excitement?”

These four clearly don’t cover everyone, but now you know some do’s and don’ts…  Mostly don’ts.