Selfies, Sports And Uncommon Attractions


Ask Angela

Dear John Connor,

We live in a time when technology is becoming more important to the average person than relationships. This is a very sad statement, but wireless connections are easier to make than personal ones. It is a sad sight to see so many young people walking past each other making no eye contact and staring at their phones. Unfortunately, however I’m sure this problem will only become worse with time. You also ask about selfies.  Selfies are seen as little snapshots of a person’s life or personality. Therefore the selfier is going to make themselves appear to be more exciting, funny or pretty, whichever adjective she’s trying to portray. However, trying to actually BE those things takes a great deal more effort. It’s simpler to just snap a funny face than actually hold a conversation with another human being.

As I’ve mentioned in previous responses, I don’t follow sports that much. But if I had to pick a baseball team to win the World Series, it would have to be the Kansas City Royals.  Not because I know they are so talented, but simply because my brother took us to a Royals game at Kauffman Stadium, and it was a fantastic experience. As far as my big upset pick for the NCAA March Madness Tournament, it was Dayton over Ohio State, simply because my brother drove a Dodge Daytona car when he was in high school.  It was a pretty car. And that sounds like Dayton…kind of.

As far as the question about being attracted to all ages of women from 25 years older to 10 years younger, there is a common saying about this. “Age is just a number.” Well, that is true, but within reason. At a certain young age, there are moral issues to debate. The attraction itself isn’t so much an issue as how you act upon it.  As for being attracted to older gals, there’s really nothing wrong with that. I guess to each his own.

I also do wish the high waisted fad was out, it is not one that I find appealing to either wear or see. If I were a fashion critic I would pass along this opinion, for sure.

Ask Angela